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Welcome to the SGA Kink meme!

We have a four week schedule, like so:
  • Week 1: Prompting - any kink (emotional or physical) is allowed, and prompts can be anonymous or not.
  • Weeks 2 and 3: Prompt filling - fills can be anonymous or under your journal name, whichever you prefer.
  • Week 4: We rest! If you like, you can claim your story during this week if you posted anonymously during weeks 2-3.
Then we start all over again, with a new post and prompt call.

Since we couldn't decide whether to host it on Livejournal or Dreamwidth, we're going to alternate sessions for now. That way if you prefer one journal over the other, you can still play (and it gives the mods and taggers some breathing room). We'll get the ball rolling on the Livejournal community on Monday, June 28th, 2010.

The community on Livejournal is here, the community at Dreamwidth is here. If it works out that one comm gets significantly more activity than the other, we will revisit the issue.

Rules are here. Please read them thoroughly and carefully; your help in keeping the community civil and keeping things organized is invaluable.

Please consider contributing! Some ways to contribute include commenting frequently, giving anonymous beta, helping other mice, helping the mods, and of course, posting and filling prompts. All can be done anon.

Need inspiration for prompts or to know more about a particular kink? [community profile] kink_wiki is a great source for kinks, thank you very much to the [community profile] kink_bingo mods for their time and effort in putting it together.

Questions? Problems? Send them to or post a comment to this mod post.

Please pimp the meme! The more people who play, the more fun we all have! There are a ton of different banners, made by six different artists to include gen, het, slash, femslash, and solo options. If the character/pairing/kink you want isn't represented, please consider making one for it or getting someone you know to make one for it! We want to be as inclusive as possible!

Comm icon was made by [personal profile] acadia, and the [personal profile] sga_kinky_mod icon was made by [ profile] mific with text by [personal profile] acadia.

Interests (191):

ageplay, aiden ford, alicia vega, amanda tapping, amelia banks, animal play, anonymity, aphrodisiacs, atlantis, au, authority figures, bates, bdsm, beckett/cadman, beckett/mckay, begging, bloodplay, bondage, breathplay, caning, carson beckett, carson/rodney, celibacy, chaya, christopher heyerdahl, chuck, collars, connor trinneer, consent play, costumes, crossdressing, daedalus, david hewlett, david nykl, david/joe, dirty talk, double penetration, elizabeth weir, elizabeth/john, elizabeth/radek, elizabeth/ronon, evan lorne, exhibitionism, fisting, flogging, foot fetish, fucking machines, gags, genii, hand fetish, humiliation, hurt/comfort, jason momoa, jennifer keller, jewel staite, jinto, joe flanigan, joe/david, joe/jason, joe/jason/david, john sheppard, john/elizabeth, john/rodney, john/ronon, john/teyla, john/todd, john/woolsey, kaleb miller, kanaan, kate heightmeyer, katie brown, kavan smith, kavanagh, keller, kink, kinky, kolya, ladon radim, larrin, laura cadman, lorne/parrish, lorne/zelenka, marshall sumner, mckay/beckett, mckay/cadman, mckay/carter, mckay/keller, mckay/sheppard, mckay/zelenka, mckeller, mcshep, michael the wraith, miko, military fetish, mind control, mitch pileggi, obedience, oral fixation, orgasm denial, orgy, ot3, ot4, painplay, parrish, paul mcgillion, pegging, pervertibles, peter grodin, phone sex, prostitution, public sex, puddlejumpers, rachel lutrell, radek zelenka, radek/elizabeth, radek/rodney, radek/ronon, rainbow sun franks, replicators, richard woolsey, robert patrick, robert picardo, rodney mckay, rodney/carson, rodney/elizabeth, rodney/radek, rodney/ronon, rodney/sam, rodney/teyla, ronon, ronon dex, ronon/jennifer, ronon/keller, ronon/radek, ronon/rodney, ronon/teyla, rough sex, sam carter, sam/john, sam/rodney, samantha carter, sensation play, sensory deprivation, sex toys, sga, sheppard/todd, sheppard/weir, sheppard/woolsey, simpson, sora, spanking, stargate, stargate atlantis, steven caldwell, strap-ons, striptease, suspension, tattoos, teasing, temperature play, tentacles, teyla, teyla emmagen, teyla/elizabeth, teyla/john, teyla/kanaan, teyla/kate, teyla/ronon, tickling, todd the wraith, todd/sheppard, torri higginson, torri/joe, tyre, uniforms, virginity, voyeurism, watersports, waxplay, weir/caldwell, weir/ronon, weir/sumner, weir/zelenka, whipping, whump, woolsey, wormholes, wraith, wraith queen, writing on the body, zelenka/weir
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